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Recruiting qualified and registered nurses is just a step away with edu8

We help you bridge the nursing talent gap in Germany

qualified candidates

We screen and present candidates with your needs in mind

We employ a rigorous screening process so that the nursing candidates we present to you have the right qualifications as well as attitude and mindset in helping others.

diverse workforce

We help you create a diverse workforce

Our candidates come from Southeast Asian countries, specifically Malaysia and Indonesia. Having a diverse workforce can help your hospital reach out to a wider group of people, as well as offer fresh perspectives from various parts of the world.

better nurse retention

Better employee retention

Part of our screening process also involves ensuring that candidates are aligned with the culture you are inculcating at the workplace. We only shortlist candidates who fit your hospital both behaviorally and culturally so that you can enjoy better employee retention.

Your candidate’s journey

Candidates begin their journey by going through our pre-selection process, where we filter every applicant and ensure that only the most promising ones who fulfil your hospital’s needs in the required specializations are selected. We will only present successful candidates to your hospital before the next step.

Your hospital will then kick-start the selection interview process to ensure that the candidates you’re provided with are the right fit for your needs. To aid your selection process, we will ensure that all the required information and arrangements are presented to you beforehand. All you need to do is choose your candidates, and we’ll nurture them to be ready for service.

Candidates will need to learn German with us; starting from A1 level to B2 level. Our classes are conducted by qualified German language teachers. In addition, candidates will also receive additional support as and when it is needed through our online learning platform. They are then required to sit for an external examination with one of the recognized German language boards. On top of that, they will also be exposed to job-specific German terms and jargons so that they are ready for industry requirements. Throughout this process, you are able to track their progress via our student management platform.

Our Learning Management System allows employers to track their candidates’ progress in just a click of a button and receive feedback from our academic team. This all-in-one platform allows employers to stay in touch with our team.

We guide candidates at every step of the way to ensure that they enjoy a seamless transition from their home country to Germany. We offer support on visa application, translation and certification of documents, and even pre-departure as well as intercultural workshops so that they are fully equipped for their new lives ahead.

Once your candidates arrive in Germany, our German team will be there for airport pickup, and ready to help them settle down before they begin their new career at your hospital.

Candidates begin their adaptation period at your hospital. Our team in Germany is always ready to support you and your candidates, so feel free to drop us a line!

We have the right nurse for you. Drop your details, and we’ll be in touch.